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What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan stands as a short-term financial solution, usually acquired for durations not exceeding 12 months.

The award winning brokers we match you with have a wide selection of reputable bridging lenders to secure your funding.

The criteria for a bridging loan typically hinges on the specifics of each case. However, its primary aim is to bridge a financial void when rapid access to funds is imperative. Its primary utility lies in assisting clients seeking property acquisitions where alternative funding sources or traditional mortgages are unattainable.

For instance, this scenario may arise if you're in the process of purchasing a new home while your current one remains unsold (an interruption in the sale chain), or when swiftly acquiring funds is crucial, such as in the case of property auctions, where traditional mortgages cannot feasibly meet the required pace.

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Based on the answers on our form, we connect you to the best advisors and lenders that are able to find a loan to meet your requirements.

All lenders are FCA regulated

The advice and options that you will receive regarding your bridging loan will be from an FCA regulated company meaning there are stricts codes of practice they must adhere to, protecting you the consumer.

You are presented with all the options

By going direct to a lender, you are limiting your options and rates you pay on your bridging loan. The advisors we connect you with have access to the whole of market and won't limit your options.

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If you are happy with the loan terms with the lender, with your authority they will carry out the final checks and process your loan.

How it Works

IN just a few simple steps you can secure your bridging loan funds.

Bridging loans in 4 simple steps

Finding and securing the best loan has been streamlined into four simple
steps, making it simple and effective.

What can you use
a bridging loan for?

A bridging loan serves as a flexible financial resource suitable for navigating various transitional circumstances. Additionally, bridging loans offer significant benefits in real estate development and conversion endeavors by providing rapid access to capital for property remodeling, refurbishment, or repurposing projects.

Property Purchases

Secure a new property before selling the current one, ensuring a smooth transition in the housing market.

Debt Settlement

Manage outstanding financial obligations efficiently, minimising interest and penalties.

Investment Opportunities

Seize time-sensitive investment prospects, potentially reaping significant returns.

Property Conversions

Transform properties to meet changing needs or market demands, maximising investment potential.

Advisor Testimonials

We are proud to connect you with the best advisors and brokers for bridging loans:

4.8/5 from 5000+ reviews

From start to finish service was quick and efficient. Joe was a very helpful advisor. My case manager Alun was great and communicated effectively at each stage, even on the smallest updates. Thank you!


Absolutely brilliant service, especially Gemma Lindop who has gone above and beyond when there have been issues not of fluents making.

Mr Martin Graver

Fantastic. Honest and quick process. They really put me at ease. Special thanks to Hollie for all her help and guidance. The company have helped me out so much x

Ashleigh Jayne

From the original contact to completing our mortgage the service from Fluent was excellent. They quickly found us a mortgage at a better rate than we had seen on-line and then helped through the whole process with regular updates and contact. Thank you for your help Chantelle.

S Harper

Great support and guidance from staff throughout the process, would like to Thank Chris O'Rourke and James Bennett for their help.

Andrew Holden

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the questions your may have around bridging loans

  • Are bridging loans expensive?

    Bridging loans often carry higher interest rates compared to traditional mortgages due to their short-term nature and the speed at which they are provided. Additionally, fees such as arrangement fees and exit fees might also contribute to their overall cost. However, the cost can vary based on the lender, the specific terms of the loan, and individual circumstances.

  • Can I get loan wih bad credit?

    The brokers we connect you with are committed to helping you borrow money responsibly. They will work to try and find the best solution for you. With a secured loan, because you’ll be using your house as security, lenders are more open to lending to those with poor credit ratings. Once you have the loan, regular repayments will help boost your future credit score too. If you have a lower credit score, it might be that your interest rates are higher than someone with a higher credit score.

  • How long does a bridging loan take?

    The timeline for securing a bridging loan can vary depending on factors like the complexity of the case, the lender's processing speed, and the completeness of the application. Generally, bridging loans are known for their quick access to funds, often taking anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for approval and disbursement.

  • Why use our website?

    This site distinguishes itself by sourcing loans from FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated partners, ensuring reliability and adherence to industry standards. By leveraging a network of reputable lenders, our partners aim to secure the best possible loan options and rates for its clients, tailoring solutions to individual needs while prioritising transparency and compliance with regulatory standards. This approach enables clients to access a wider array of loan options, potentially securing more favorable terms and rates.

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