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    We ensure that every one of our pension advisors are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). None of our advisors can accept commission in payment, which prevents any conflict of interests when they recommend products.

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    Our experienced pension advisors provide a free, no-obligation consultation guarantee. This means that your consultation is free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to act on any advice or recommendation provided.

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    We fully understand that most people lead very busy lives and may not know what to look out for when searching for a pension advisor. Based on your advice requirements, we ensure that you are put in touch with best advisor suited to your circumstances.

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Is speaking with a financial advisor the right choice for you?

Below are the questions we are most frequently asked by our clients:

If you’re facing a big decision on which a lot of money depends, advice can be invaluable. Things like setting up a pension, buying a home or planning for retirement may be rare or even one-off events, so you will probably have very little experience on which to base these crucial choices. And though you may seek guidance from friends and family, or online, neither of those can give you as much confidence as unbiased advice from an experienced professional.
The whole point of advice is to make your money work for you and help you achieve your goals in life. So a good adviser will look at your circumstances as a whole, from your current situation to your medium and long-term future. For example, if you want advice on how to access your pension, your adviser will first take time to discuss your plans for retirement, and so assess your changing income needs over time. Only then will they start to recommend strategies and products. Last but not least, an independent or whole-of-market financial adviser can find the most suitable products for you from all that are available. They will also ensure that the chosen product is the best possible fit for your particular circumstances.
Most financial advisers will agree to an initial meeting free of charge, so you can get to know one another. Take this opportunity to check that you’ve made a good choice. A good adviser will be happy to talk about their qualifications and experience, so do ask to see their credentials. Also ask about your adviser’s fees and how they charge. Again, they should be up-front and clear about this. At Growth, we ensure every financial adviser on our site is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), providing our customers with piece of mind on these matters.
First of all, a financial adviser can help you save money in many different ways. For instance, they can recommend pension schemes, investments, mortgages and protection products with lower administrative fees, saving you significant costs over the long term. They can also help you save more effectively, so that your money isn’t eroded so much by tax and inflation. Most importantly, they can help you avoid costly mistakes, such as buying an inappropriate financial product, losing money through an error of judgement, or falling victim to fraud.
You are matched based on your financial advice needs. We like to work with specialists in certain areas who have a wealth of knowledge in the specific areas you are enquiring about. This gives you piece of mind knowing that you are receiving the best possible advice available and not generic answers you may be able to find on Google. All our advisors are also FCA regulated.

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